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Raising Champions for the Future
PO Box 1700, Mineral Wells, TX 76068

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a significant, substantial contribution to the horse industry in many areas which include, but are not limited to: cutting, reining and working cow horses.

We strive to offer relevant bloodlines that have been tried and proven. Through these bloodlines the potential exists to produce outstanding, athletic offspring which will find their niche.


At J Bar K Quarter Horses we believe in setting goals within a breeding program. Every breeder’s goal should be to produce that outstanding individual(s) that are an accurate representation of their breeding program.

With our stallion ARC ONLY ONE TIME we have the ability to do such a thing. We are confident with the well-rounded families in his background that we are well on our way to make this goal a reality.

Our desire is that "Favor" will have individuals competing and winning in many sectors of the horse industry.

Since he has not only looks but intelligence to go with it, we expect his offspring to be multitalented, great-minded, and have the capacity to handle the demands that come with competition. We also expect his offspring to pass these qualities on to their offspring in years to come.

We are not limiting ourselves as to what areas his offspring will excel in. We realize that horses, like individuals, have some events that are not “their cup of tea.” It is hoped that all offspring, whether purchased or bred, will have the opportunity to “find their wings” and pursue their intended career.

We have great hopes for "Favor’s" offspring and desire that anyone connected with him in the future will share in those hopes.

The future looks bright for J Bar K Quarter Horses and ARC ONLY ONE TIME.